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  1. I have learned about NVC this year’s spring, april 2012, i Timisoara, Rumänien. at a training course held by Marianne Grothlin and Louise Romaine, and also with the participation of Jim Bagnola named: “Non-Violent Communication Process as a Source of Motivation in Education”.
    And today I started searching on the internet more about it, because I remembered those wonderful people I’ve met there. Also because I have a dream about me starting an organization that teaches the teachers from my city, and others, about the importance and appliance of NVC in education. I just wanted to say a short thought about the fact that this dialogue about NVC, amongst other books I’ve read this year that is almost gotten to an end, changed my whole perception about knowing myself, knowing others around me, and that now I just want to learn others how to bring out their warm and positive energy, both children and adults. In order to do this I will try understanding, learning more how NVC’s ideology exists and how I can bring a plus to the life around me.
    Rucsy, Timisoara, Rumänien


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